The Iron Order MC was formed in August 2004 in Louisville, KY.A group of like minded bikers came together in a garage from different backgrounds and walks of life with a desire to share Brotherhood.That is how the Iron Order MC was started and how it is today.We are the largest independent MC in the world.We are a non territorial MC that values Brotherhood above all else.We have Chapters in every state as well as other countries.We ride and ride hard, we party and party hard.We support our communities through their charitable activities.We are independent and respect all Clubs and support those that support us.We run our Club with the same rules set fourth by MC's over 50 years ago.We are not 1%er's.We are all about motorcycles, riding and Brotherhood.We are what we say we are, nothing more nothing less.
 We are the
Devil's Den ,New Jersey first chapter of the I.O. we were granted our New Jersey Charter in April 2009 and have been going strong ever since. We have grown the chapter from the original 3 to where we had to split off the chapter to another one .We ride 12 months out of the year, it's never too cold to ride.We ride within our state as well as visit our Brothers in other Chapters in neighboring states and beyond.If you are interested in the Iron Order MC and see us, introduce yourself.You can also use the address provided on the Contact page.If you are law abiding, seek a strong Brotherhood and don't consider motorcycle riding to be a solo event perhaps we are for you.Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

My Brother Before Me

 From Brother to Brother, Chapter to Chapter, State to State, MBBM, is not just a patch we wear or words we speak but how we live.Brotherhood is the core of the Iron Order MC.You will not find a stronger bond than what we share as Brothers.
 For that reason our membership is selective.You must possess the desire, commitment, loyalty and respect due the Brotherhood.To wear Jughead is an honor and we treat it as such.